Active Interest Media (AIM) Expands Relationship with ALC

ALC, a recognized leader in first-party products and services industry, has been selected by Active Interest Media (AIM) to manage three recently acquired titles: Popular Woodworking, Horticulture, and Writer’s Digest. With this further expansion of AIM’s business, ALC has been charged with developing an innovative and cohesive plan to leverage the audience to a wide range of direct marketers.

AIM ( is an enthusiast media company that produces consumer and B2B events, websites, magazines, film and TV shows that reach an audience of 40 million followers worldwide. The company consists of 50+ brands in five divisions – the Equine Network, Home Group, Healthy
Living Group, Marine Group and Outdoor Group. AIM’s enthusiasts are not dilettantes. They are not spectators or fair-weather fans. They are actively engaged, smart and passionate about their hobbies. They sail across oceans, shoe their own horses, and teach yoga to their friends. They take the path less traveled and obsess about the gear and know-how needed to make every adventure a bucket-list memory. They are a passionate audience with above-average incomes, and they spend money on goods and services across consumer markets.

AIM acquired these well-respected titles to further expand its large footprint in the enthusiast market. Each has a significant active subscriber base (Popular Woodworking – 98,000; Horticulture – 48,500; Writer’s Digest – 36,000). Enhancements and the Wiland program are also available. ALC will partner with AIM to execute a long-term innovative strategy for revenue generation.

“We know from our own experience that ALC is a leader in working with consumer publishing partners,” said Paige Nordmeyer, Circulation Director at AIM. “We are looking forward to creative thinking and a strategic approach, as ALC helps us leverage these robust titles.”

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