ALC, a recognized leader in first-party data solutions for marketers, has been selected as the exclusive manager for the CARE USA donor file for data management and list fulfillment. CARE USA is the latest of many non-profit organizations that have placed their trust in ALC to help them monetize and optimize their data assets.

Established in 1945, CARE USA ( is a leading global poverty-fighting organization dedicated to saving lives and achieving social justice around the world. It works with corporations, institutions and other agencies to more efficiently help people in need. Its donors are committed to ending poverty and other humanitarian causes; they typically donate to numerous international relief organizations as well as nonprofits in other sectors. With an average donation amount close to $50, these donors are targets for not only non-premium efforts, but also advocacy and commercial marketing campaigns.

The CARE USA file includes a universe of more than 300,000 affluent, educated, caring supporters of various charitable efforts. In addition to offering a universe of responsive donors for use by other non-profits, the CARE USA file is available in Wiland and includes demographics that allow marketers a multitude of ways to segment the file to best suit their message.
“We chose ALC because of its reputation in the marketplace and because we were especially impressed with the results of their deep analysis of our file,” offered Jennifer Lomax, Director – Individual Fundraising. “We are especially excited about the many new opportunities we see to push more revenue to the bottom line.”

To learn more about the CARE USA file, please contact: Britt Vatne, President, Data Management,

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