Branded Digital Audiences

Monetize Your Data in the Digital Marketplace

High-quality, accurate digital audience data is in growing demand. This translates into a significant revenue opportunity for organizations who have developed and own unique data—data that’s proven to be effective for their own efforts or for third parties.

For 40 years, ALC has been helping brands maximize the value of their data. Now with ALC Branded Digital Audiences, you can capture a share of the huge—and rapidly expanding—digital data spend.

Tap into the expertise we’ve honed from launching our own proprietary Digital Audiences. We’ve got the talent, skills and relationships to make your program a huge success:

• Generate a lucrative incremental revenue stream
• Tap into the growing spend in the digital realm
• Extend channel access for marketers using your offline data
• Enhance your brand reputation as an innovator
• Access your own audience for digital marketing campaigns
• Feel confident in ALC’s 100% Privacy Compliant Practices