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ALC Announces Erwin as CEO

Rick Erwin hired to lead ALC’s growth and expansion [Princeton, NJ]: ALC, the industry’s recognized leader in 1st party data solutions for marketers, announced today that Rick Erwin has joined the company as Chief Executive Officer. He is a 25-year veteran of
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ALC’s Fran Green Honored With DMCNY’s Silver Apple For Outstanding Marketing

PRINCETON, NJ - ALC, Inc. is proud to announce that Fran Green, President of ALC Smart Data Solutions, has been named a 2017 Silver Apple honoree by the Direct Marketing Club of New York. “Data is fascinating, and it’s constantly evolving. I always
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ALC Launches Link2Me MatchBooster, Powered by LexisNexis

Product improves match rates from offline data to online IDs by 50% or more PRINCETON, NJ - July 11, 2017 - The LexisNexis/ALC partnership has yielded another breakthrough product: Link2Me MatchBooster. MatchBooster dramatically improves the device match rates that most organizations achieve
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ALC Launches Partnership with Our Wisconsin Magazine

ALC, Inc. (, the industry-leading data marketing services provider, announced today that they have been retained by Our Wisconsin Magazine to manage the publication's list of 95,000 paid subscribers. They will also be utilizing their proprietary data management platform to monetize
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JT Cobell Leads Remarketable Design Team in Developing World-Class Brand and Product Experience

PRINCETON, NJ – Remarketable is preparing to bring their innovative and intuitive platform to market, as they aim to create a perfect state of marketing harmony with a world-class product experience. That effort, in large part, involves a forward-thinking, customer-friendly approach
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Is Your Company Leaving Money on the Table? Study Finds Over 40 Percent Do Not Monetize Their Data

PRINCETON, NJ – In the modern economy, data is the high-grade fuel that drives American business. While most organizations possess a wealth of data, few monetize it to maximum value. A 2016 study from The Economist’s Intelligence Unit found that only
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Sarah Etter Brings Content and Social Marketing Prowess to ALC’s Growing Remarketable

PRINCETON, NJ – The first quarter of 2017 was one of tremendous growth for ALC’s Remarketable, the one remarketing platform specifically geared to turn web browsers into buyers. Today, ALC announces that they’ve added Sarah Etter as Director of Content Marketing
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Executive Sales Leader Greg Westrick Appointed to Drive Go-To-Market Strategy for ALC’s Remarketable

PRINCETON, NJ – Remarketable – the one remarketing platform specifically geared to turn web browsers into buyers – continues to grow and, as a product of that, ALC’s Remarketable team is experiencing rapid growth of its own, today announcing the addition
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Brand-Savvy Pamela Raitt Joins ALC’s Burgeoning Remarketable Team

PRINCETON, NJ - The team behind Remarketable - the one remarketing platform specifically geared to turn web browsers into buyers - has been experiencing a period of unprecedented growth as they gear up to bring the product to market. That growth
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New Name, Same Mission: Help Heal Veterans Teams Up With ALC to Improve Lives of Injured Vets

PRINCETON, NJ – MARCH 17, 2017 – Since 1971, Help Heal Veterans (HHV) has touched the lives of millions of injured servicemen and women, by providing over 29 million therapeutic arts and crafts kits free of charge. Today, they have announced a partnership
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