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The Cold, Hard Truth About Big Data

In this brave new world of marketing, Big Data is the Big Thing. But don’t let that fool you. Just because it happens to be the new Big Thing or the next Big Thing, doesn’t mean that it’s everything. Big Data, in
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Is There a Cure for Those Email List-Growth Blues?

Email – the king of digital marketing – is just as popular with consumers as it’s ever been. That’s not the problem. So what is it that’s been keeping email marketers awake at night, desperately searching for answers like Russell Crowe
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Don’t Blame the Data

by Donn Rappaport It’s hard to write anything about the year 2016 without at least touching on the election.  Shocking.  Game-changing. Disappointing. Encouraging.  Frightening.  Empowering.  Toxic.  I could go on…but let’s just say, there was something for everybody. And even now that
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A Remark(et)able Solution for Making Retargeting Personal

The average consumer is bombarded by more than 5,000 advertising and branding messages every day. You can imagine that after a while, all these messages begin to seem like white noise to the average consumer. So how do you cut through that
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Consumers Are Willing to Share Their Data for Something in Return – As Long As It’s Secure

“Would you like to share your location?” Anyone who owns a smartphone and has downloaded an app in the last few years has probably seen this pop-up message more times than they can count. Followed by immediately wondering, “Why in the world
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Hotline Bling: Recency Matters in Remarketing

We live in an age of short attention spans and instant gratification. Be honest, how many of you scrolled to the bottom of this post to see how long it was before you decided to commit to reading it? It’s okay to
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You Snooze, You Lose: How to Take the Smart Approach to Smart Data

There’s an interesting correlation that exists between marketing analytics and sports analytics. In the world of marketing, analytics help companies determine who to target, how to target them, and when to do it. It also shows them which strategies are working
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There’s Still Only One Undisputed King of Response Rates

Think about all of the things in your life over the past two decades that have become digitized. Actually, don’t do that. You probably have other things you need to get done today. Instead, how about you think of all of
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A Little Privacy, Please: Being Proactive About Privacy Will Prevent Future Headaches

Let’s talk about privacy for a minute or two. And yes, the gaps between doors on public restroom stalls are uncomfortably wide and no one really knows why – but that’s not the kind of privacy we’re talking about here. We
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The Rise of Ad-Blockers: Winter is Coming for Digital Marketers

A day of reckoning is coming soon for digital marketers – and it won’t be pretty. Digital display ads are under attack and it might be too late to save them. As one of the most widely recognized nuisances of the modern
July 8, 2016 | leave a comment