ALC Link2Me Data Solutions

An extensive collection of U.S.
consumer information

High quality, preconnected consumer information empowers faster, smarter data-driven decisions.
ALC’s Link2Me Data Solutions are custom-built by a team of data architects and strategists, leveraging proprietary assets. Built with robust and persistent identifiers linked to each attribute and other identifiers in both the known and anonymous realm, ALC’s Link2Me Data Solutions enable rapid distribution.

Infinite Attributes

ALC’s preconnected data allows for an infinite number of attributes from vertical (auto, travel, retail, etc.) and horizontal (behavioral, transactional) audiences to be created or fulfilled across both known and anonymous realms.

100% Coverage

ALC’s Link2Me file covers 100% of U.S. households, including all marketable consumers within those households — each with persistent identity keys and including 300 independent variables.

Link2me CONSUMER essentials

Get a more complete view of your customer demographics:


Age, gender, education, ethnicity, etc.


Number of persons inside an individual household, head of household, etc.


Sports, leisure activities, hobbies, entertainment, etc.


Charitable activities, community activities, etc.

Purchase Behavior

Method of payment, products purchased, channel used for purchases, etc.

Extend Your Reach with Link2Me:

Assess your current data

Identify additional data resources

Determine the right data mix for each group

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