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Today, only 5-7% of advertising impressions are driven by data. In 2019, this is marketing malpractice.

Acquisition solutions

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Audience Identification
& Expansion

ALC’s proprietary strategic planning platform deploys in-depth analyses to identify prospects who look like your best customers. The superior use of data is a critical strategic advantage for organizations. ALC’s strategists help clients turn marketing data into actionable knowledge — to acquire and retain new customers and maximize their long-term value. 

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Armed with our proprietary suite of advanced analytic, research, and modeling tools — and enhanced by our deep expertise in virtually every market sector — ALC’s customer acquisition specialists help uncover new sources of customers, reduce acquisition costs, increase average orders, and improve ROI. 

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ALC provides clients with comprehensive campaign planning for house files, cooperative databases, as well as ongoing optimization and testing of new data sources. Our standard reporting package includes the following analyses:

– Seasonality
– Universe Trending
– Creative and Offer Tracking
– List Category
– List Performance Quadrant
– Advanced Merge-Purge
– Unique Name
– List Interaction
– Brand Affinity
– And more…

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ALC conducts thorough post-campaign analysis: What worked? What didn’t? What data sources and segments proved most productive? We suggest refined list segmentation and usage strategies for continuous improvement. Our experts become your marketing partners, sharing your objectives, opportunities, challenges, and vision.

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